AcooL55 is an enlightened New York street artist, environmentalist and advocate for peaceful relations between the world’s nations.

In 2010, he participated in the Plastiki expedition, a sailboat created entirely out of recyclable materials that was used to cross the Pacific Ocean with a crew of six.

Come Spring 2016, he began wheat pasting his influential art on walls of different cities throughout the US, UK and Italy. His art carries a message about the environment and social causes of value to him, as was seen from the art he created on the barrels we had present at BUNKR Village. AcooL55 knew that his presence at BUNKR would be noticed by a growing community, and with that came a responsibility to create art meaningful for them, while retaining to the culture he cultivated for himself.

You can follow AcooL55 and check up on their work through here: @acool55


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